The Wrong Fear

Why Fear Public Speaking?

Distressed looking man at a microphone

Fear of Public Speaking is often quoted as being peoples number one fear.  Clearly this is wrong.  We all speak in public every day.

A “hello neighbour” as you get into your car. A “thank you” to the checkout operator in the supermarket.  A “good morning everyone” as you arrive in the office.

These are all examples of us speaking in public and cause no fear.  It’s when we stand in front of a group of people in a meeting room, or on a stage at a seminar that we encounter the fear.

It’s not the fear of speaking that we experience.  Its the fear of failure, the fear of being ridiculed in front of out peers, that we experience.

Once you understand the true source of the fear you can overcome it.

Benjamin Franklin is credited with the saying By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail

This is the key to overcoming your fear.  Preparation will give you the confidence to overcome your fear of failure.  Rehearsing your material will instil belief in yourself and allow you to use the speaking platform without worry.


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