In the Zone

Do you have a routine that you carry out every time you stand up to give a presentation?

Picture of an arrow saying in the zone, as it hits a target

I always do a few breathing and relaxation exercises, followed by visualising myself being successful on stage.

Hydration is very important for speakers.  I always have a drink of water as close to going on stage as possible.

Before I head for the stage or presentation area, I decant the contents of my pockets (wallet, keys money, etc.) into my back pack so that nothing jangles or shows unsightly bulges when I am presenting.

In the seconds immediately before walking on stage I check that my flies are done up and that there are no bits of fluff stuck to my jacket or trousers.

Doing all that just lets me know that I am in the best possible frame of my mind to give my presentation.  I know that I have dealt with as many details as I can and that it’s now all down to my performance.

That is when I know I am “in the zone” or fully present

You will always give the best presentation when you are fully present and ready for the occasion.

Being “in the zone” doesn’t happen by accident.  Find your own way to get into the zone and repeat every time.